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Board Room

Elevate Your Meetings

6 - 15 people

Designed to embody executive excellence, our traditional-style space seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology for impactful presentations and collaboration. Equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment, high-resolution displays, and intuitive control systems,
our meeting room sets the stage for successful board meetings, negotiations, and brainstorming sessions. Step into professionalism
and leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.

Our Boardroom is Equip with

Video Camera.png

In-Room Camera


High Quality Microphone


Interactive 65" Display

Aircast wireless connectivity.png

Device Connection

Immerse yourself in our traditional-style meeting room, where timeless elegance meets cutting-edge technology. Experience the epitome of executive excellence as you step into a space designed to make you feel like esteemed experts in your industry. Our meeting room features a large 65-inch interactive display, ensuring your presentations and visuals come to life with stunning clarity and detail. Capture every nuance of expression with our 4K resolution camera, enabling seamless video conferencing with remote participants.

Effortlessly connect and collaborate with wireless connectivity, seamlessly integrating your devices with the room's equipment. Enjoy the ambiance of openness and inspiration created by the large glass windows, bathing the room in abundant natural light.

Take command of the room with ease using our intuitive control systems, conveniently adjusting lighting, sound, and presentation materials at your fingertips. The perfect blend of traditional-style decor, refined furnishings, and state-of-the-art technology creates an environment where you and your colleagues or clients can truly feel like executives.

Experience the ultimate combination of professionalism, comfort, and technological sophistication in our traditional-style meeting room. Whether you're hosting board meetings, negotiations, or collaborative brainstorming sessions, our large interactive display, high-resolution camera, wireless connectivity, and natural light will enhance your meetings, leaving a lasting impression. Step into the realm of executive excellence at 4 & Co Coworking Spaces and elevate your meetings to new heights.

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